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Welcome to PuertoMorelosFrank.com!  Although I have relinquished vivapuertomorelos.com, I still
wish to maintain an internet presence for Puerto Morelos.  Primarily as a link to local charities and
groups I have interaction with but also to continue to share the things that make Puerto Morelos a
unique community.  I may feature 3 or 4 rentals but these will be selective.  Please be patient with me
as I slowly grow this site and please feel free to offer your suggestions on what you would like to
see here.  No promises but I will consider your ideas.
Thank you everyone for your support during these past 10 years......... Puerto Morelos Frank
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Puerto Morelians are very animal
friendly folks.  Strays and injured
animals need our attention and
you can support our efforts by
clicking on the PayPal button
below to send donations to
Diane's Animal Rescue Fund.
There is an orphanage located in
Cancun that serves our area called
Casa Hogar.  It is a privately funded
orphanage that depends on the
generosity of our citizens and
concerned visitors to our area.  There
is no adoption process in Mexico, so
the children that are cared for by
them are there until they reach the
age of majority.  There is an
exceptional group of people that
co-ordinate donations to Casa Hogar
called "Friends of Casa Hogar".  To
learn more about the orphanage and
how you can help they have both a
website and a Facebook page.
Click here for their website
and click here for their Facebook
Other Area Webcams
Playa Del Carmen   
Playa 5th Avenue  
Cozumel Port   
Akumal Beach   
Tulum Beach   
Cancun   (4 Cams)
Isla Mujeres   
Caye Caulker   (Belize)
If you are here as a tourist (FMM) you have specific
protection from the police regarding traffic citations
and attempted bribery.  
Click on this link to view and
print out the notice and please carry it with you while
driving here.
Check out my new
Facebook Group for PM
True Friends & Expats of PM
Remembering Hurricane
Wilma's from 10 years ago.
Wilma Photo Album