Frank's Bio
For those of you that may be interested or just curious, I have compiled this brief bio of

Born in a small fishing village in North Carolina called Morehead City.

I spent 8 years in the U.S. Navy in aviation electronics and computers.
Employed by a computer company then known as Digital Equipment Corp. for 17 years in
the Washington DC and later Winson Salem, NC areas.
Employed by American Express in Greensboro, NC for 7 years at which time I left on
retirement disability due to a heredity degenerative eye disease,  Retinitis Pigmentosa or
RP.  So if we meet and you extend your hand for a handshake I may not see it.  The vision I
have is 20/20, but is limited peripherally.

My wife Dale, and I first vacationed here in Puerto Morelos around 1998 and instantly knew
this was were we belonged. We fell in love with this area and after several vacations here
decided when the time was right we would retire here.  That time came in March of 2003.  
We arrived with only we could pack inside and on top of our Ford Explorer SUV without
knowing where we would spend our first night, let alone live.

We loved it here and met a lot of great people.  In January of 2004 she was diagnosed with
terminal brain cancer and passed away in May of 2005 and her ashes were spread on the
reef here.  She had no regrets.  We had taken the plunge and lived our dream of moving
here.  We had a wonderful life that was full and energetic.  She had been a victim of
spousal abuse in her previous marriage, and we had an "open home" policy both in the
states (North Carolina) and here to take in women that were abused.  It was our way of
giving back.  

Basically I'm a happy go-lucky, mellow fellow.  I enjoy stimulating conversations, reading,
time on the water, travel and meeting new people.  Friends are a precious commodity and I
am fortunate to have many.

Recently my eyesight has got gradually worse and so i have transferred ownership of our
favorite website for Puerto Morelos,
Don't worry I'm staying on for our popular Meet and Greet every Friday night at our favorite
Cantina Habanero................ and I am still available for anyone who needs advise on
Puerto Morelos and the surrounding area.  My main activities now are concentrated
around our community events sponsored by
The Little English Schoolhouse,  the
Cause4Paws animal rescue program and the annual chili and wings contests at Cantina
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